The tunnel

At dawn, the sky was full of fog, and it enticed me further up the road on the bike than I’d been before.  The sun was just beginning to shine through when I took this shot.  Spring in the region is full of changes….

All up, I was out for 2 hours – before breakfast!  Fred and I had a good feed on our return:-)


4 thoughts on “The tunnel

  1. Bike and fog. Two of my favorite things coming together for a surreal and rewarding scene. We’ve had a lot of foggy days this autumn, more than i would have expected. I hope for a few more before winter sets in. Glad to see you out and about on the bike! =]

    • It sounds different too doesn’t it, biking in the fog. It’s easier to bike about here because of the lack of hills – yeah I know, softie, but my bike’s gears are not very good 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m surprised the fog is around so late in the season, but this climate is very different – I’ll make the most of the fog though!

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