I want to join the circus!

Now that’s a statement you may expect from a ten year old – not from someone many multiples of ten!  But why should kids have all the fun?!

On Saturday, I was greatly entertained by the antics of “Griffini” who was performing at the Millicent Annual Show.  Scott and Juliette, aka Circus Elements( and Griffini   ) not only entertain crowds (adults and children alike) but also run Workshops on all manner of circus skills.  I accept I’ll no longer be able to consider thoughts of the flying trapeze, but looking at stilts….hmmm….imagine the fun I could have with that!  Or perhaps unicycling…..or plate spinning…or ….or….!

There’s a huge list of skills training on offer – I’d find it difficult to make a choice!

Maybe I’ll leave the fire juggling alone though……

More images of their performance can be seen on my Flickr site

8 thoughts on “I want to join the circus!

  1. I tried juggling a couple of years ago after someone taught me the technique. Might have another go – it’s very relaxing and good exercise (picking up the balls 😦 !).

  2. I love juggling as well. In fact, years ago I used to juggle as often as I could every day and almost managed juggling with 5 balls.
    I can confirm it is really relaxing and the good thing is: when you know to juggle once, you can never unlearn it – it is like riding a bike.
    And here comes a book tip:
    “Lessons from the art of juggling” by Michael Gelb. The author uses juggling as a metaphor for learning to learn. When you do a mistake (drop a ball) you learn from that and try to do it different next time. More or less the trial and error principle.
    Anyway, I’d never try to juggle knives or firesticks though – I still need my hands for my job. 😉

    • So the jugglers are coming out of the woodwork! Who’d have thought it! I did a bit of juggling in my 20’s……hmmmm….I’ll look into that book thanks! Sounds like it’s similar to The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance …..

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