I’ll be gone

I’d like to thank everyone for your comments and support:-)   This will be my last post for a while…..I’ll be occupied with moving to my new home, and won’t have internet connected for some time.  The intention is also to revive other activities – my music has taken a back seat for far too long, as has my wool spinning and knitting.  I’ve a head full of projects, just waiting for a place to land.

When I’m able, I’ll pop into a library and use their system but it will be infrequently.  So sorry I won’t be able to comment on your posts, but I’ll certainly be thinking of you and wishing you all happy shooting!  And I’ll be back!


20 thoughts on “I’ll be gone

  1. Thanks for all the great photos, stories, ideas, information – I will miss you so don’t be gone too long! good luck with the move and I hope you do find the time to do all the things that have been waiting for you. Looking forward to seeing your blog again. Sheila

    • Many thanks Sheila. Of course, I’ve committed myself now, with the projects, so I guess I’ll have to shoot proof of the outcome won’t I ! Ha! I also hope it’s not too long before I’m back with my friends:-)

  2. All the very best with your move eremophila. I hope all goes well. I very much looking forward to reading your blog when you sign in again. Enjoy your other pursuits – you’ve reminded me I haven’t picked up my knitting needles this year! Take care. (Oh, by the way – loved the song and vid 🙂 )

    • Thank you very much Holly. I guess as long as the animals and I arrive in one piece that’s the most important thing:-)

  3. Hey E, I will really miss you, but I hope the move goes really well for you baring in mind that any move of home is pretty much the biggest thing that we ever undertake. I’m personally really delighted to have met you through photography on the net and am grateful for your visits, comments and the odd spell check… ha ha.

    I wish you peace and happiness, and look forward to talking to you again soon. Take care.

    Kind regards


    • Thanks very much for your kind wishes Paul:-) Once I passed the 40th move, I gave up counting…..guess I’m just a gypsy. Or is it a vagabond?? And like the proverbial penny, I’ll be back! Cheers:-)

  4. I’ve been on holiday during the last days…
    And now I must read this. 😦
    Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the move! Can’t wait to see photos from your new environment.

    • Hi, back on line again, albeit with some changes. Sorry for such a long absence but all will be explained soon:-)

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