It’s because I love you…


4 thoughts on “It’s because I love you…

  1. Great song and video – I like the bass close-up 😉 I’d never heard of that band before – I’ve just had a little look around on the ‘net for more info. It has taken me back to one of the golden ages of music!

    • I heard the song on the radio one sleepless night recently, and it brought back memories – then I found a good excuse to use it:-) Yep, great era for music, especially considering what followed it in the 80’s!

  2. I rather like that, and had never heard it before despite being very much a seventies music fan. I’m still very much into seventies rock and mad on Rainbow, Led Zep, Peter Frampron, Ian Hunter, Bowie, Cheap trick, Igg Pop, Lou reed, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp, Van Halen….. I think I still have my seventeen inch flares and platforms in the cupboard somehwere.

    The 80’s…. oh my! The death of so many good bands like Rainbow, the Eagles etc and to me music never recovered. I did finally get to see The Eagles live at the 02 Arena in March 08, a lifelong dream as I’m still a huge Don Henley fan, but the bands seem to have dried up, musicicans who could actually play without studio overdubs and production that was classy. I loved vinyl and can still remember to the day each time a new David Bowie vinyl album was released, where I bought it, the excitement and the smell of freshly cut viyl.

    Ah, memories…..

    • I’m not surprised they weren’t well known o/s – a good enough reason though to promote them now! Have you got the tie to match the flares?
      Ah, the 70’s….sitting in bean bags with huge earphones, listening to quadrophonic……Tubular Bells…
      and how about even earlier, the Small Faces?! Much later I was introduced to the music of Jon Anderson….
      I can’t imagine a world without music.

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