Hopeful signs of Spring’s approach

It’s been a long dark winter….sometimes I feel it’s been years…and then I see the wild almond gaily proclaiming an end to darkness, and giving a promise of harvest in time.  I give thanks.


9 thoughts on “Hopeful signs of Spring’s approach

  1. I always feel that each and every season has it’s wonder and beauty, it’s place in the big scheme of things that Mother nature understands and mankind simply does not. I guess selfishly also, winter is one of my favourites for street photography, a chance to hone skills on difficult tarmac with wind and rain to capture the ambiance and atmosphere that is so different in Spring and Summer….

    But, there is something so liberating and exciting as the eyes detect those first buds of Spring and the flesh feels the first rays of summer. A release, a new season is born. Smiles upon faces, blooms and blossoms, new shoots, vibrant hues. A gorgeous frame that sums that feeling up nicely, with glorious fresh bues set against a tantalising blue sky. Ah yes, seasons, I love them all so.

    • I didn’t mean to give the wrong impression about the season of winter….under most circumstances I like the challenge of winter. But life has been quite ‘wintry’ for some time, so I’m looking forward to ‘springing’ into something better.
      A long time ago now, I moved into an area that didn’t experience autumn as such….it was an area that received an average rainfall of only 5 inches per year, with some years much less than that! It was either hot and dry or cold and dry. Might sound pretty dreadful but it had many charms actually. It was at that time though, when there was no autumn season, that I realised how much I missed it.
      The ten years in that environment taught me many lessons about survival:-)

  2. Very pretty! I love the transition between Spring and Summer – everything changes so quickly, almost hourly. Although I also like the transition between Summer and Autumn – the changing light levels, the colours, the smell in the air. Wonderful!

    • Australian light is quite different to English….. it tends to be much harsher, especially in summer, so early mornings I’ve found, are the best….or that golden evening hour…. Most of all though, it’s about staying in tune with the elements, isn’t it, as they change moment to moment.

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