It’s nearly time…

As I do a countdown to Moving Day, I glance back at images of this area taken in earlier times.  One of the sights I’m unlikely to see in my new location, is a field of grain.  In fact, I’ve chosen my new location on the basis of there not being crops nearby, due to the harmful chemicals used by most farmers theses days.  While I’m relieved to get away from the toxins, I will miss the golden paddocks of ripening grain.  When I look at this photo, I’m taken back to that very day I spent an hour or more, crouched amongst the grain, keeping an eye out for ants and snakes, while trying to understand my camera enough to  capture the image I had in mind.  Of course, for me, the learning is an ongoing process – regardless of which camera I use.


12 thoughts on “It’s nearly time…

      • Perhaps, you never know!
        I have two other books to finish reading first though, one of them from a German author about Wu-wei and another one by physicist Brian Greene about Multiverse theories (
        If my day just had more than 24 hours… 😉

      • Wow, that book looks very interesting. Like what Oliver Sacks has to say about it….I wonder if my library may have it…….

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