She’s just a foxy lady….

This week a friend kindly allowed me to practice my portrait work on her.  It was a beneficial session for me, a great learning experience, and as a bonus, even got a couple of decent shots out of it.

What I didn’t expect though, was a chance to photograph a dog, but this delightful creature was visiting and I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of her.  I even got a few of her owner!  I love it when things don’t go to plan but offer even more!


6 thoughts on “She’s just a foxy lady….

  1. I agree and often find that when I’m not expecting much from a photo shoot, or one comes my way by chance and circumstance, that some frames really work, or at least the time behind the lens is educational. This works so beautifully with the sublime shadow play and proves how less is more so often in photographic terms. A really delightful portrait of this lovely canine. Unless this is a shot of the owner, in which case I’d better be diplomatic and not mention the long tongue and those massive ears…. ha ha

    An excellent frame.

    • Thanks Paul:-) I really am much more comfortable working with animals than with humans, perhaps this shows! That said, I couldn’t resist taking some shots in the same light of another human, not the owner, and will be interested in your feedback.

  2. I love the lighting on her, it really shows that you love photographing animals 🙂 There’s a true art to photographing animals, something that can’t always be taught, as the connection comes from the heart.

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