War Notes – Victory by Greenpeace

Dear Francis,
Today I was thrilled to hear on the radio, that Greenpeace raided a property and successfully destroyed a crop of genetically-modified wheat at a CSIRO farm in Canberra.  Other wheat producers, including Canada and Europe had rejected GM wheat.
“They were not convinced by global biotech companies that it would not contaminate their natural wheat crops and threaten their billion-dollar export markets” said Greenpeace spokesperson Laura Kelly.  
As a child, I was told that CSIRO was a wonderful organisation, working for the betterment of the Australian community.  Yes, it probably was then, but times have changed.  The Government – of all persuasions – kept reducing the funding and CSIRO was forced to seek out partnerships with commercial entities….and so began the downfall….
Now it is the Almighty Dollar that drives their research.
So I thank Greenpeace for taking this action.  I thank them for bringing to the notice of the Australian consumer that they are in danger of consuming food that is of dubious safety – in effect, Australian consumers are being used as guinea pigs by the likes of multinational companies such as Monsanto. If you listen to the likes of these companies, you’d believe that we’d all starve to death if we didn’t purchase their products.  But the truth is, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to their toxic solutions.  Dr Maarten Stapper once worked for CSIRO but was sacked for speaking out against GM wheat. Dr. Stapper is now a farming systems agronomist who’s main focus is helping farmers improve the profitability of their operations by harnessing the power of natural healthy soil processes.  Peter Andrews is another who is successful in changing a degraded highly saline property into a fertile drought resistant landscape, and who invented the Natural Sequence Farming Method.  
It is so heartening to know there are good people out there fighting the war against greed and corruption.
May your travels treat you well,


2 thoughts on “War Notes – Victory by Greenpeace

    • That’s the trouble Sheila, the average person doesn’t believe the dastardly deeds these companies like Monsanto do. These trial crops grown in Australia ‘for research’ are a backdoor way of getting in, because the citizens are quite clear in their general opposition to GMO’s but still trust the government…..silly fools!

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