Dear Francis,

On my last trip south, I stopped again at the Coorong to breathe the fresh air and take in its incredible energy. It’s the land of the Ngarrindjeri people and thankfully enough have survived the onslaught of the white people to keep the Spirit of the Land alive.  Their totem is the Australian Pelican.  A magnificent bird that I’m still to photograph to my satisfaction.  I can just see this bird walking up to you and behaving just like Mr. Percival in Storm Boy. 

It’s now been finalised, I have another place to move to, and will be doing so before the end of this month.  While I won’t be on the coast, at least I’ll be much closer and away from toxic farmland.  I haven’t given up on my dream of a coastal place, I know it’s still lurking out there, and I’ll be better placed to seek it out.  All good things come to those who wait…..

As I wait for your next visit also,


4 thoughts on “NGARRINDJERI Dreaming

  1. This is the sort of scenery and location that leaves me breathless. The simplicity of Mother nature, devoid of commercialism and the ruin of mankind. I spend so much time in locations similar to this back home on the West coast of BC, alone and contemplative, my camera, thoughts and me. I can just sit here and be blissfully content.

    A beautiful, natural, unspoiled area and a frame that has me sighing…

    • Not everyone can see the beauty in this area – many think of it as being barren….that’s the problem of making comparisons instead of appreciating the uniqueness of each place. Even on a day of bitterly cold wind, I was loathe to leave it. Pleased that the frame works:-)

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