Slip sliding away…..

I think often about the Paul Simon song….. and when I spied the snails out after the rain…..well……


8 thoughts on “Slip sliding away…..

    • It’s two snails Sheila, very small white snails about the size of a small fingernail. I never thought I’d be interested in snails….amazing what photography leads to!

  1. I love your eye for the frame here and the mating of the song with the plight of these little fellas…. and fella-esses! That’s what I love about photography, how it teaches us to view the world looking for the minutia of detail that so many other people walked blinkered straight past. A lovely frame.

    • I’m closer to the ground and the smaller things in life Paul than many people, so perhaps it enables me to have a different perspective. As it does for you with your height.
      Pleased the frame works. I’m always eager for feedback, self-taught as I am on this fascinating craft of photography.

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