Blow the wind southerly

I’m back from my trip to the southerly reaches of my state, and boy did the wind blow!  At one stage, while I was kneeling to take a shot, I got blown over!  Very difficult conditions in which to photograph, especially considering I didn’t have a lot of time at my disposal.  Wonderfully invigorating fresh air just the same and I was glad to see the Ocean in Her wildness.

This trip was more successful than the previous one, in my search for a new home, but nothing is finalised as yet so I’ll keep quiet until the final details are negotiated.


10 thoughts on “Blow the wind southerly

    • Thanks Sheila – and yes I’d like to get there before tourist season fills the beaches up! But then again….maybe they’d offer a different subject to shoot……:-)

  1. I can really identify with this fabulous frame as my clan live in Sidney on Vancouvesr island and the entire BC coastline is as beautifully fierce as this including China and French beach where the wind and rain can have you off your feet and into the driftwood in a second. Mother nature so powerful and amazing, I love to experience that force and spend many a windswept day on those shorelines.

    You’ve captured the scene so well here as the waves pound the shoreline, whipped up into a frenzy and the bramble shakes and shudders. Makes me very homesick. Congratulations on the siccessful trip by the way.

    • Thanks very much Paul, I was hoping but not sure if I’d captured the mood sufficiently. I understand your homesickness……it’s a pity we can’t fly off whenever the Call comes to us.

  2. I can really feel the wonderful bracing and invigorating sea air just looking at this! One of my favourite places in the UK is Portland in Dorset. Once when I was there they had to close the lighthouse to visitors because of the weather!

    • I’m thrilled you could feel its effect! There’s a Portland further along the coast from this spot – perhaps named after the one in Dorset! And yes, there’s lighthouses in the area also…..

  3. I’ve been to Australia a few times and I love the wisdom of the land that the true wilderness holds. This picture really captures the spirit of the coast, you can almost taste the sea air. I don’t know where you live or where you want to move but I hope that you will find a place and home that is right for your heart and soul.

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