Flying High

I’m taking my cue from these pelicans, and will be metaphorically flying high when I shortly head south to a place named after these birds for an all too brief but hopefully productive visit.

As Mac would say, catchya on the flip side.


8 thoughts on “Flying High

    • I’m sorry that’s been the reason for your absence Timo, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  1. What a glorious sight. I only occasionally see Pelikans over this side of the pond, with a little gathering of them believe it or not right in the heart of Central London in St James park, and they always fascinate me. Such imposing birds, and so strangely beautiful. I’d love to witness a flock of them flying like this. A great shot.

    • I keep promising myself that I’ll spend days in that area, instead of bustling through and then I’d get the shots of the birds I’d really like. Of course, it does push the limits of my little camera…..
      A pilot friend of mine regards pelicans as the most superb birds – having such a great body mass and yet still able to take off and fly, inspires him. Fancy seeing them i Central London – maybe they were looking for Earles Court! Ha!

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