Finishing with a flourish

As the sun rose 30th June 2011, it sent shafts of light to puncture the darkness and bring colour to the heavens.   The wind whipped around me and I clung to a post to steady myself – I wanted to see this final sunrise for June and the discomfort was not going to deter me.  Out with the old, in with the new…..let’s see what the new month may bring…..

14 thoughts on “Finishing with a flourish

    • Thanks Sheila! I’ll be waking up by the sea on Monday – just a visit at this stage – so that will be different! Walking on the beach at dawn……:-)

  1. Beauty and cloudscapes on a positively biblical scale here. The vibrancy of hues and details captured are utterly mesmeric. So many would simply miss this or fail to make the effort to witness and capture such intense beauty.

    • Thank you very much. Sunrises here are usually brief and dull, so I rejoice when there’s something to crow about:-)

  2. Wow, you know I’m down with this one. I was vacationing so I missed it when you posted it. Beautiful!!! What kind of settings did you use to bring out the pink without making the picture orange?

    • I took the easy way out when I shot the sunrise – there wasn’t time to move settings around, so I shot on the Low Light Setting on my Fuji. All around the 1/220-40, f3-4, ISO1600. Your sunrises appear to last much longer than those I get, so play around and experiment to get the effect you’re happy with.

      • I have to figure out what my equivalent “low light setting” is on my canon. I can’t directly control the shutter speed or f-setting yet (but I did just find a project that provides additional features for canons through firmware hacking!) so I’m at the mercy of what my camera decides is best for me. Thanks for sharing the specs, I’m just now getting to the point where those parameters make sense to me 🙂

        Interestingly enough, my bike is a Fuji. I didn’t make the connection to the cameras until now.

        The only sunrises that last a long time are the ones with high humidity (the haze blocks a lot of light, allowing the sun to get higher in the sky before it fully penetrates through in full yellow). I “stretch” them out, too, by using the sunset filter to bring out more of the orange in the later minutes after sunrise. Your colors are more pink and red, typically the colors that come out at the beginning of the sunrise. By the pictures it looks like you took the shots just before the sun came up over the horizon right? That’s really neat because some people prefer sunrise pictures “before” sunrise (like yours) and others way after when the sky is more orange. I usually don’t roll up to the park until just after the sun is over the horizon so I’d miss most of the pink/purple shots like yours. As it turns out a “sunrise picture” can be anywhere in a 1.5 hour range between twilight and daylight.

        Take care and have a great weekend! (Is it already Saturday over there?) -Blaine

      • Hi Blaine, yes us Aussies are in front of the rest of the world:-) Thanks! I hadn’t realised that you were taking all those images on Auto – well done, but perhaps its time to venture forth a bit more. The only way to really understand the consequences of settings is to go out and experiment. Take shots of the same object on different settings and after 10,000 shots, you’ll be an expert:-)

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