The War on Milk

War Notes

Dear Francis,

I received disturbing news today, about the continuing war on real milk by Monsanto.  Remember the joy of drinking fresh milk, virtually straight from the cow, just as God made it?  Sadly, many today have no idea of what real milk tastes like….. nor of the practices that take place in the production of milk.  If only more consumers had an idea of the cruelty to the animals,   I’m sure they’d make better choices…..wouldn’t they Francis?  Sometimes I don’t have the faith in people’s goodness that you have…..Perhaps they need to know the real facts about milk, and instead of being scared of real fresh milk, they would know the dangers of corporate control of the dairy industry and the specific health concerns related to the use of antibiotics and rBGH in the production of milk.

Those who are concerned about food safety and rely on the FDA to guide them, are being deliberately misled – there is nothing independent about the FDA’s decisions!   Because farmers have no recourse through access to federal courts as a result of S.510 (another “conspiracy theory” proven to be fact), the FDA is now allowed to act with total impunity. The fact that humans have a basic God-given right to eat the food of their choice does not apply here. Neither does the fact that humans have been eating small farm food and drinking raw milk for virtually all of recorded history.

I’m sorry the news isn’t better Francis, but Daisy and I wait for the time we can give you some more of her milk which is fresh and real and wonderful!


4 thoughts on “The War on Milk

  1. A nice interplay between the War notes letter and the lovely portrait of Daisy the cow. And what a beauty she is. I’ve always had a love for cows and horses, such gentle creatures. The letter is bang on the money these days as political correctness runs roughshod over common sense and the wants of the people and their rights. I fear things can only ever get worse thanks to do-gooders and pen pushers.

    • Many thanks for your comment Paul, I appreciate your visit. Wish I could offer you some fresh milk or some clotted cream with hot scones:-)

  2. Beautifully written and let’s hope that people will react and look a little closer what they’re consuming.

    • Thanks Fran, yes it behoves us to be careful with what goes into our bodies. Unfortunately for many, there is little choice, which is why I advocate a revolt:-)

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