War Notes

War Notes

Dear Francis,
Just a few days ago, while I was sitting out with Sally, a bird came within a few feet of where I was sitting, and hovered, as it searched for food.  I could have almost reached out and touched it but instead sat in rapt admiration of its beauty and power of flight.
While I know you loved all creatures as they loved you, my strongest memory of you, is of the wild birds perched on your outstretched arms.  Perhaps this images stays with me  because of all creatures, birds symbolise freedom.  When there is freedom, there is choice.  It is this lack of choice which grieves me much, since the Occupation.  The Enemy is insidious, invading silently and stealthily to the extent that it’s impossible to evade their presence.  Sadly, those afflicted with Greed, are oblivious to this, and continue with the Enemy’s work believing the False Promises.

There is a ray of hope however, with the formation of an Underground Resistance Movement called the Canary Club.  Their meetings are ostensibly to discuss the keeping of these caged birds – a very clever ruse I’m sure you’ll agree!  The membership is growing, as more begin to suffer from the effects of the Enemy, and then question why.  After all, when there is no clean air left to breathe, what use are the fancy cars and houses?
I miss you and hope your travels bring you this way again.


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