Looks like a Gold strike!

A Eureka Gold strike that is…….another chapter in my article The not-so-golden fleece – shortly after this sheep was shorn and dosed with the organophosphate insecticide it lay suffering and by the following morning, this was the result.  At least the poor animal is beyond suffering now…….

(Apologies for the poor quality of the image – but the best I could manage under the circumstances)


4 thoughts on “Looks like a Gold strike!

    • Sadly Sheila, this is an all too common sight on this property…..and many others. I chose to show it because most people would never have any idea of what takes place out in the countryside.

    • Yes, I know what you mean Heather, and thank you.
      Recently, a program on Australian TV showed animal cruelty taking place and it created an uproar – to the extent that it forced the government to take action and it’s also changed people’s buying/eating habits. It shows how powerful information can be!

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