Pelican preening

I’ve covered many miles lately, in my search for a new home.  The new car has performed admirably and been a joy, making the miles less wearisome.  As yet, alas, the search hasn’t been successful, with hopes rising and falling almost as often as the tides!  Despite this, hope continues to hover……I know the right place is just waiting for me to find it:-)

At Meningie, on the shores of Lake Albert, I paused for a break from driving, dug the camera out and took a little walk.  I was fortunate to find some pelicans who took little heed of my presence, and continued with their preening on a rather windy morning.  It was very tempting to spend more time there, despite the chill wind, but I still had many hours to travel before day’s end.  One day, I keep promising myself, I’ll have time to spend quietly enjoying these wonderful large birds. 


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