The end of an era

This past week, for the final time, I drove my little Toyota out of the driveway.  It had become time to trade her in, and get a more recent model.  I’ve had this little car for a long time, shared a great many miles and different homes together.  We knew each other well.  But all things must come to an end.  It is time for me to move on, in many many ways.

Also this past week, I’ve sent my many pot plants on to new homes, as I prepare to lighten my load in anticipation of a forthcoming move.  Some well advanced specimens I’ve had for many years, and moved them with me time and again in my not-so-stable life.  Once again, time for that to end.  Happily, many have gone to a very keen gardener, who recognises the rarity of some of the specimens and is thrilled to have them.  Even garden statues have gone……

I’ve had time to come to terms with these losses, and soon I’ll be making the final decisions on which furniture and household goods stay or leave.

As yet, my destination is uncertain, but I’m hopeful and keeping faith that by following my instinct I’ll find a home.  So ends one part of my life and I stand with my hand ready to open the door of the new one.  Vale and salve!


8 thoughts on “The end of an era

    • Many thanks Sheila, and yes, I wish I could click my fingers and have the moving done in an instant…..but all will be well:-)

  1. I know how it feels. On the one hand it’s just “a thing”, but on the other hand there are memories connected with it.
    But you seem to be able to let go – a very important aspect of Far Eastern philosophies btw.

    All the best for your quest for a new home!

    • Timo, I’ve found it easier to let go, rather than have it ripped out of my hands:-)
      Things are looking hopeful on the home front too, thank you.

    • Hey, never ask a lady her age! Ha:-)
      But a great many…….
      Trusty…..rhymes with …rusty……and yes, there’s a certain charm about old cars and it would have been nice to have kept this one long enough to call it vintage, but just not possible.

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