Wirrabara Producers Market

As promised in an earlier post, I have more images of the May Wirrabara Producers Market.  This community-minded monthly event is where authentic regional produce is available with a real country feel. Third Sunday of the Month.

A range of images of the market can be viewed at my Flickr page – HERE

The township of Wirrabara sits in the Southern Flinders Ranges – an area well worth spending time in, with spectacular gorges, well marked walking trails, abundant wildlife, and slow-paced delightful townships. 


4 thoughts on “Wirrabara Producers Market

  1. As a country boy myself, I love the idea of communities as they used to be, where neighbours know each other and care enough to look out for one another. In the UK these days it’s pretty much a thing of the past as the plague of mankind spreads like a disease across every acre of land, selfish and greedy, their offspring learning those same characteristics from the womb.

    Fresh produce, no pesticides, friendly faces and banter, that’s how life should be, more like our ancestors way of life. Sadly now over here, if Bread is the food of love, then money has become the butter to make it more palatable.

    A neat frame with a glorious shallow depth of field and vibrancy.

    • I share your jaded views of humanity/inhumanity. Functioning communities over here are still a rarity, and seem to exist in little pockets that have to be sought out. Sadly, not many city folk and even few country folk will make the effort and continue to purchase from supermarkets where they can get out of season produce – regardless of the cost to the environment.
      Thanks for the feedback on the image:-)

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