Come on, we’re ready!

My best mates, giving me the message that they are ready to move on. 


15 thoughts on “Come on, we’re ready!

    • Thank you once again – you have a talent for finding special items:-) I had been feeling dispirited about humans, so these creatures brought a smile to my face.

  1. another interspecies video for you, that i posted in the comments to another blog (can’t link to the specific comments, just the blog entry itself). my comment, and the response from the blog owner, who knows a bunch more about animals than i do:

    tangentially related, so i thought some might appreciate this:

    “how to cuddle with an elephant seal”


    Greenpa said…

    sgl – the elephant seal video is very cool- but- I almost didn’t put it up. Because what the lady was doing is SUCH a bad idea. That’s a honking big 600 lb CARNIVORE she’s cuddling; they eat big fish, squid- penguins- tourist faces… maybe…

    🙂 At the same time I was envying her the experience, and realizing, in her shoes, I might very well have been stupid enough to do exactly as she did. But boy; if I caught my kid doing that- all hell would break loose.

    So, anyway. Cool. Watch. Enjoy, and please, don’t anybody here ever be that stupid.


    • Thanks for the link, the article about the albatross was very interesting. I get the jist of the video….I’d rather watch different animal species interacting, in preference to the human animal imposing itself onto a wild animal.

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