Even when you’re an insect, it’s not always easy to decide where to go to next……..

My search for a new home continues…..


6 thoughts on “Decisions

    • That’s right Timo, in these times it’s expect the unexpected! Overall, I still have faith it will happen when it needs to:-)

  1. *love* macro insect pictures. I always wonder what the significance of their underbelly colors is. The top color is dark to protect from birds, but bottom is bright to warn off other insects that would be on the lower ground, I imagine. They would be green, I imagine, if they didn’t have something to back it up (poison or other)

      • Actually, I think I took this with my original point and shoot. What I use these days is a Fuji S200EXR, a bridge camera. For super macro work, I attach a Raynox lens.
        Ultimately I think the choice on which camera to use comes down to what feels good in the hand. There are few ‘bad’ cameras these days – just identify what your main needs are and that helps to narrow the choice down. A great camera does not compensate for a poor eye – you have a great eye which gives you a wonderful head start:-)

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