A lucky bonus!

Today I planned the afternoon shoot.  I wanted to visit a local rock formation to get the late afternoon sun on them and that meant being well organised with my other late afternoon tasks, so I could get to the rocks at the appropriate time.  The sun had been shining all day, and no clouds were around to mar the light.  It all went as planned…..and then the unplanned happened!

I was looking at the rocks and thought I saw a flicker of movement – and sure enough, there was a little skink who had come out to bathe in the late afternoon sun.  Quietly I slowly moved forward, and it stayed there long enough for me to get a few shots.  It was the only wildlife I came across, and I was very grateful it chose that moment to reveal itself.


10 thoughts on “A lucky bonus!

  1. Nice! Where was this picture taken?

    We actually have some of these guys in Cincinnati. They all originate from 5 lizards brought home by a young boy (of the Lazarus Family, like the department store) in the 1940s. They were from Italy which happens to be in the same climate as us here in Ohio. They thrive locally with no real predators and have since spread through the metropolitan area. They were recently added to Ohio’s protected species list, too. They’re unofficially called “Lazarus Lizards”

    • That’s most interesting about your lizards. This picture was taken in the Mid North of South Australia, a place with similar climate to Southern California.

  2. not related to your picture, but saw this and thought you would appreciate it:

    The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary


    • Thank you, it’s a brilliant commentary on a tragic situation that each and every one of us has power to change by changing our behaviour. I’ll try to do a post on it quite soon.

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