Topsy turvy

Life is rarely on a constant level.  As with any of Nature, there is an ebb and flow, a rise and fall in the cycle.  While many of us are content to allow changes to occur naturally, there are others who go seeking thrills and spills.  Which are you?


8 thoughts on “Topsy turvy

  1. Perfect photo to go along with the post today! I always seem to want the opposite of what is really going on – when things are crazy, I wish that I had peace and quiet… and when things are slow and quiet, I usually want something to happen. Now yesterday was the exception for me! 😉

    • Thank you! I have a chance only once a year to get a shot like this, so I was relieved it worked out. There were several actually, that I’ll put together into a collage.

  2. Love the picture!

    Usually, I prefer to “go with the flow”, but I also set goals, of course.
    Thrills? Sometimes – it can make me feel more alive. 😉
    So I do both. However, I am more the peaceful, calm type generally.

    • I think you come from anchored still centre point Timo, and when that is achieved it’s easier to make those forays into excitement, knowing a place of return. I’ll confess I’ve never ridden one of these machines – I’m still seeking my anchor:-)

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