Patterns of life keep changing

I’m going through the process of preparing to move, which means sorting through what I have and want to keep and want to dispose of.  It’s something I actually began earlier this year, but now it’s becoming more refined.  Sometimes it’s tedious….sometimes a little gem will turn up.  A bit like life…..

When I need a break from it, I have a little play….this image is a result of that playing….an asking of – “what if?”

Art – Life    –   Is there any difference?


8 thoughts on “Patterns of life keep changing

    • Thanks for your feedback Holly:-)
      I’ve moved well over 40 times, so nothing gets forgotten for too long – but the letting go process is getting easier.

    • I’m hoping to move to the coast, simply because the air is better there. Time will tell whether that’s where I end up:-) Or for how long……!

  1. Good for you. Will your animals be accompanying you? Sorry for all the questions — after my recent move from the US to SA, I’m always curious to read about how other people handle life-changing moves.

    • My animals are my family, so yes, they will go with me. I may need to find a place nearby for my horse, rather than have her right next to me, that’s the only concession I’m willing to make. Over our twenty years together, we’ve experienced different situations, and I’ve no doubt we’ll manage the next one. If I didn’t have the animals I would probably contemplate a bigger move……but for the moment, we take care of each other.

  2. I also love your editing of the picture.

    About moving:
    This is also a chance for decluttering.
    We humans attach ourselves to many things in life: objects, people, habits, meanings.
    The Buddhists and Taoists strive to detach themselves from too many unnecessary things, in order to gain inner peace, balance and happiness.
    That’s the process of “letting go” you described above.
    I know though, how difficult this can be…

    Anyway, sorry for this lecture, it’s just that philosophy is one of my great passions, and I can’t hold myself back sometimes. 😉

    PS: over 40 times? – Wow!

    • I’m surprised by the feedback on the editing. Pleasantly so. I’ve tried the technique on other images but they never appealed – this one was different. Now I’ll have to figure out why……
      Never apologise for sharing your thoughts/knowledge, it’s all most appreciated:-)
      As to the high number of moves, many have not been of my choosing, but finally I accepted that it’s my journey in this time around. That makes it easier to detach.

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