In Peril – It’s A Burning Issue

In the early days of coal mining, ventilation systems were not used, and there was often a build   up of toxic methane and carbon monoxide.  Canaries were taken underground by the miners as these birds are highly sensitive to gases and the miners knew that when the bird stopped singing and dropped dead, it was time to head to the surface quick smart.I am that canary. Like many others in this modern world, I am sensitive to the toxins in the air. Read the Canary Report please.

Clinical observations of multiple chemical sensitivity have existed since 1954.

The mother of one child who was affected took action and set up MCS Global Recognition Campaign. Please listen to her story on Youtube link.

I am prompted to share this with you after watching a friend of mine struggle for breath, as a result of being affected by the smoke in the air from farmers burning the paddocks.

This year has been much wetter than usual with the resulting growth in summer weeds, and all summer, farmers have been spraying weeds in their paddocks.  While there are some farmers who endeavor to use chemicals wisely, many use these toxins with blatant disregard to the effects on themselves and on others.  They spray on days and at times when weather conditions would indicate otherwise.  Even for those farmers who wish to obtain more information on the chemicals they are using, such as withholding periods, great difficulties are experienced.  The information is either simply not available, or the credibility of the supplied information is debatable.

Now with the onset of autumn,  the farmers are burning off their paddocks in preparation for sowing.  This isn’t a new practice, but it is one with increased hazards due to the increasing use of weedicides.

The Environment Protection Authority and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources do not monitor or control burn offs.

It is a global issue.  India has massive problems with stubble burning.  Canada has problems with stubble burning. The list is endless……

In my country, a so-called advanced economy, a so-called democratic society, we are being contaminated by smoke from farmers burning stubble.  Last year it was an issue…. this year it is even more so as these reports testify.

As reported in the Yorke Peninsula newspaper, it is a huge problem.  Several days ago I found myself driving through the smoke haze.  It was horrendous.  I’d driven into the area to inspect a house I was thinking of renting and was shocked as mile after mile the smoke filled the air.  According to the house agent, the visibility on the road she was travelling on was severely impaired.  Needless to say I won’t be moving to that place.  But the smoke was of course, carried in the wind…..and so affected those who lived in areas where the smoke was barely visible.

A silent invisible enemy.

Once upon a time, farmers fed the people.  Fed them with nutritous wholesome food.  That is a rarity these days.  Those who use methods endorsed by governments are using methods that are slowly killing us.  There are alternatives……

The Dirty Life is a book about how a couple are successful farming and feeding their local community without using toxic methods.

My search for a new place to live, one in which I am not subjected daily to these toxins, continues.  My hope is to find one along the coast where at least the sea breezes are safer to breathe.

It has taken days to compile this post, so affected was I by the toxins in the smoke I inhaled.   I’m not the only one who is experiencing these difficulties, and it for them as well, that I am speaking up.

Change is vital if there is to be quality of life for humans on this planet.


6 thoughts on “In Peril – It’s A Burning Issue

  1. Your quest in finding the right spot to move will come. The air will be safe, the people will be respectful of each other and nature …
    What is happening in Japan is a wakeup call that remind us we are not kings on this Earth but barely guests.
    Mother Nature will use all her weapons to teach us. Let’s hope that we’ll not arrive to the end of life on Earth before we finally accept it.
    Thank you for sharing this and I will, through my means, spread the word and make others aware.

    • Thank you very much Poupoune for your comment, and for spreading the word. Your understanding is most appreciated.

  2. Well I hope you find that new place with ease and swiftness. I also hope you are not affected on long-term basis with ailments. Get better, and keep us posted.

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