The patterns of farming

Farmers are generally thought of as fairly prosaic people, not given to fancy thoughts of art.  Yet, the patchwork patterns of ploughing  a paddock give rise to an artscape.  Is it Life imitating Art or Art imitating Life?


10 thoughts on “The patterns of farming

    • I’m glad! It was the reason I selected this image from other similar ones. Thanks for confirming my choice:-)

    • Absolutely! The hill would be much better covered in wattles, and other native plants:-) Then the birds would be happy and the other native animals would have a home as well. In the time I’ve been here, that paddock had never been ploughed until this week – another sign of it time for me to move on perhaps…

  1. Now that I have a chance to comment, it is good to see your posts. I always enjoy the openness in your pictures. This one is no different. As a result of my like for the well-rounded nature of your blog and insight, I am passing onto you the Versatile Blogger Award, as it was passed onto me recently. Check out my latest post on the Versatile Blogger Award for the details!

    • Thanks very much Mac, most appreciated, and sorry for the delay in replying. My next post will explain why.

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