Rocky times

I’m been at a loss on what to post, given the recent calamity in Japan.  This disaster follows on the heels of many other disastrous events across the globe, and I believe there are more to come.

It’s a bit like walking on a scree slope –  each step we take needs to be thoughtfully taken. 


4 thoughts on “Rocky times

  1. While the earthquake itself cannot be attributed to man, the nuclear disaster can…

    In Germany it was originally planned to prolong contracts for nuclear plants, but now due to the catastrophe in Japan (and with elections around the corner), all of a sudden even hardliners say they have to think things over.
    As if they hadn’t known before this disaster what could happen!

    I mean Chernobyl showed us all how dangerous it can get. But alas, man forgets even the worst things fast. Good luck for politicians and lobbyists…
    Bad luck for ordinary people and Earth…

    *sorry for the rant*

    • Never apologise for having a rant here Timo – all rants welcomed! It seems only yesterday I was holding a placard on the steps of Parliament House on the Tenth Anniversary of Chernobyl. So little learned from that disaster…..but then again, after 3 Mile Island, no new reactors were built in the US. I think the mood of the people, even of those who were previously in favour, is to hold back on using this form of power. Fingers crossed.

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