Organic, fresh and delicious!

While I grow some of my own food, on this property I am not able to provide for all of my needs and I like nothing more than getting a box of certified organic produce from O’Reilly’s Orchard at Wirrabara.  I first met Jackie many years ago when I purchased a milking goat from her.  Later I moved away from the region, she also moved, and now many years later we’ve reconnected.  Life can be like that, moving in circles….

Yesterday I managed to remember to take a photo of my box of goodies, albeit minus some plums I couldn’t resist scoffing into first!  There are onions and carrots hiding underneath the broccoli. Beats supermarket food hands down!

If you’re ever in the Southern Flinders Ranges, call in at the Farm for fabulously fresh food, and you can even advance book a tour of the property and a Hosted Meal.  It will be memorable.


10 thoughts on “Organic, fresh and delicious!

    • I’m afraid it’s a little too far for a home delivery, but come on over and try for yourself! Plums are full of good Aussie sunshine and goodness:-)

    • Sorry, it’s several thousand kilometres away in South Australia….but I’m sure there’s something similar closer to Wollongong. Try Farmer’s Markets.

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