At the end…..

Recently, people who are reasonably well known in their respective fields, have died during the course of their chosen activity.  A diver was taken by a shark, a caver died while exploring underwater caves, for instance.  People still in the prime of their lives, and many would say their death was a tragedy.  But was it?  Death is inevitable.  So would you prefer to die doing something you really loved, or in a more mundane manner? 

I find the manner of a person’s death most interesting.  No, I don’t consider myself morbid, but I am interested in observing patterns and often a person dies in a most unlikely situation.  When I was young, two highly competent horse women were killed in freak riding accidents.  One of them had previously done lion taming – yet it was her daughter’s quiet pony who was implicated in her death.  The other had done eventing, a highly dangerous sport, but was killed by a young horse while in the dressage arena.

Finally, do you want to know the likely manner in which you will die?  Some astrologers are reputed to be able to predict this……..would it ease your mind or make you more anxious?


4 thoughts on “At the end…..

  1. As much as it could possibly be amusing to know how I will leave this earth, I think that the suspence of living in each moment far outweighs any peace, ease, or still conscious knowing could ever deliver.

  2. I would not want to know how I’d die – “carpe diem” has always been my motto in life!
    I don’t believe in astrology, any supernatural things or fate.
    I believe in sheer existence and that one should try to find their own meaning in life.

    Disease/death/destruction can strike anywhere, so better enjoy life (without harming others, of course).

    • Thanks for sharing your view Timo, most appreciated. Came across this quote by Annie Dillard – How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Worth keeping in mind isn’t it:-)

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