Jake the Peg

Jake the Peg is a song by Rolf Harris, that is well beloved by his fans.  Give yourself a giggle and watch it here.

When I saw how this image of the horse turned out, I immediately thought of that song.  Can you spot what’s strange about the horse’s legs?


10 thoughts on “Jake the Peg

  1. Beautiful horse!
    The legs look strange indeed – almost can’t tell which one is which.
    I suppose you took this photo with a longer focal length – which “compresses” the image even more, adding to this effect…

    • Yes, it was a slightly longer focal length, but mostly it was just happenstance on the angle. I was taking consecutive shots as they walked across the paddock and this image was a surprise when I got home.

  2. What about the other horse? The one hiding behind the first one. Shadows have a way of their own to tell the truth whatever lens is used.
    Beautiful horse by the way, maybe next time the one in hiding will come to the light. 8)

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