Remember when?

Times change very quickly.  Technological changes mean that life can be experienced very differently these days, yet people remain the same inside.  A friend of mine, a retired schoolteacher, has a wealth of experiences of life last century and the stories he has to tell can be read on his blog Remember When.   I urge you to take the time to settle down and read this man’s gentle philosophy.

The town of Melrose, sits at the base of Mt. Remarkable in the Southern Flinders Ranges, and the old blacksmith’s shop has been kept very much intact from the old working days.  At the rear, is a tea-room that I highly recommend.  Nothing like a pot of real tea and freshly baked scones and local jam!

6 thoughts on “Remember when?

  1. Am I so old that i can put a name and a use to many of those tools and dies lining the bench and walls? Brick floor and fire slab as i saw them in many villages of my youth. And i remember even the name of some of the peoples working this now lost art: Forgeron, Ferron. All families living of the forge and working the metals into useful implements and tools.

    Great post and beautiful picture. “As always” 🙂

    • I got my first horse when I was a teenager, and he was sometimes hot shod at the farrier’s place and that was very exciting to watch. The names of those families are amazing! They really speak of their craft, just like original names were meant to. Maybe you could post some stories of your earlier days, it would be fascinating I’m sure:-) Sometime soon, I’m planning another trip to this place to get more photos, especially of the bellows….

      • Thank you for the idea, will think seriously about it. While some of my earlier days were wonderful there are others I would soon forget than talk about them, mainly the ones in boarding schools.I shall keep to the good ones only, i promise. 8)
        The bellows set up will be interesting to see, how they were set up was always different for every place.

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