Her breath became the tide….

The girl gave herself to the water, and became it….luminous blue-green and her breath became the tide, her hair became the seagrass and her teeth became the pearls.  At times she would rise onto the rocks and form into a girl again, calling to the sailors who passed by.  They came willingly to her depths, surrendering to all that is, till it was no more.…..


8 thoughts on “Her breath became the tide….

    • It’s an excerpt from something I wrote a while ago Holly. I’ve put something in my poetry section – The Call of the Wind – which follows along the theme also….

  1. I must have spent 15 minutes looking at the picture and repeating the words in my head. Was i trying to find the girl? or only enjoying the sight of the waves and rocks? Have no clear idea. But I remember that appeal of the depth felt more than once when I was at sea and the storm was raging.

    Such a beautiful picture and story.

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