When I came across the large praying mantis a few days ago, it was somewhat occupied.  It had just caught a bee that was visiting the marrow – honey flavoured insect for breakfast obviously made for a tasty treat.  The insect wanted to eat in private……I had other ideas and what followed was quite funny.  After moving around the plant to avoid my camera lens, and finding it still pursued, the mantis took a leap – onto my hat!  I could see its shadow outlined on it once I finally realised where it had disappeared to.  I took my hat off, and got a couple of shots of it, and then it leaped onto my body – all the time still holding what was left of the bee.  It really was very funny.  Eventually I got it settled onto another plant where it finished off the bee.  Luckily, my terrier is learning to leave things alone when asked as he was watching carefully the whole episode and I didn’t want the mantis to become his breakfast!


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