Sky watching

Last night, thunderstorms were about and warnings in force.  A few bolts of lightning but then the storm moved south.  This morning is cooler, with cloud cover and a nice respite from recent heat.

But mostly my thoughts are with those enduring cyclone Yasi.  Reports are still coming in and the extent of its damage is yet not known.  But all say it was much bigger than any cyclone people had previously experienced.  Force 5.  I went through a mini cyclone many years ago and it is not an experience I’d want to repeat.  A cave sounds nice …….


6 thoughts on “Sky watching

  1. My heart is with those having to fight the elements to survive. I kept watching news channel from Australia to know what was happening and how bad things were.

    Wonderful picture as always.

    Cooler temp will be good from now on. I hope it stay that way.

    • I think many people were sleepless last night, not just those enduring the cyclone.
      The storms keep going around…it will be nicer when the air is cleansed by some rain. Perhaps tomorrow….:-)

    • It’s one reason I don’t want to live up there…… At least with modern tracking people were given lots of warning and time to prepare themselves.

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