When you’re hot you’re hot!

Yesterday didn’t get quite as hot as the previous day, but I took periodic shots of the temperature gauge throughout the afternoon.  Couldn’t take too long over doing it – manufacturers recommend camera operating best below 40C!


14 thoughts on “When you’re hot you’re hot!

    • It shows the remarkable range that life can exist within doesn’t it! Not that either of us would like to try to survive without shelter:-)

    • I don’t think I’d last very long in Mexico….
      Winter temps here vary according to the moisture levels. If it’s a dry winter, the temperature plummets to minus 10 or lower, at night, then can rise to maybe plus 10 in day. Otherwise, usually 0-15C. Where I am never used to get frosts at all, but dry times change all that. Never snows:-)

      • Thanks for the summary!
        Sounds a lot better than our frosty German winters.

        I guess it all depends on what you are used to though.
        A friend of mine is from Poland and in her opinion German winters are fairly mild!

      • I’ve a friend in Sweden, where it gets to -30C over winter, and her horses have to be kept stabled. I’m sure my horse and I wouldn’t appreciate that type of winter:-) But then take northern Finland……barely any daylight…..that would be the end of me!

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