Take shelter!

Weather extremes are being reported across the globe.  In my own country, poor Queensland is again facing a challenge, with a cyclone due soon to hit the coast with winds up to 280kph predicted.

May all those facing difficult conditions stay safe.

Reptiles are ancient.  They have survived across the Ages.  Perhaps they will be the ones to finally rule….. Who knows….


8 thoughts on “Take shelter!

    • It’s a bearded dragon, a fairly common lizard that inhabits wide areas of my state. Slightly shyer than the sleepy lizards which share my garden.

  1. The climate changes predictions are catching up to us even if some still deny them. I have confidence we will survive but at what cost.
    In that time of extreme hot temperature in your part of the world, i hope you have a cool and shady place and some cold drinks.

    • It’s certainly a time of testing and I’m not sure I share your confidence, or even that I want to……
      I’m lucky to have a coolish place to shelter. One place I’ve lived it was over 100F day and night for 14 days – and there really was no cool place …… so I consider myself better off now:-)

    • I had to take this from a little distance as they are quite shy. The sleepy lizards who live in my garden love to eat flowers – from dandelion to zuchinni. No hibiscus in my garden – if there were, I may be tempted to eat them myself:-)

  2. Very nice picture – I like the angle you chose, emphasising the “lazy look”…

    I am not too confident either when it comes to mankind and environmental behaviour.
    However, I think life will prevail somehow – if with or without man I don’t know.
    A lot of people have this “dualistic” view of man and nature being two different things.
    Man belongs to nature though, we are part of it. And thus the concept of the survival of the fittest holds true for us as well…
    Nature won’t care if we are not here any more.

    • Thanks for the feedback on the image.
      The separation thinking is the cause of most of the problem. Man has now reached plague proportions so due for a massive reduction, as happens periodically with other species when overpopulation occurs.

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