If I could paint……

I’d love to be able to paint, watercolours or acrylic.  Alas, my talents such as they are, don’t run that way.  I used to ‘paint’ in another way, when I designed other people’s gardens, and that was rewarding but not quite the same.

Perhaps the reason  why I love photography so much, is at least I can express myself there, and sometimes even ‘play’ about a bit.  This image is something I found the other day when going through old files….


6 thoughts on “If I could paint……

  1. Nice idea!

    I have the same “problem” – don’t know how to draw/paint, but would really like to.
    However, I plan to give Betty Edwards’ book “Drawing on the right side of the brain” a chance. The first lessons were successful…

    • Some years ago I did art therapy, and loved it, but found I was more comfortable working directly with my hands and paint onto very large sheets of paper, than with using hand held brushes etc. Sponges were fun too. Betty Edwards’ books are very good, there’s no doubt. When I was a child I could draw horses quite well, but that was only because I was so obsessed with them and knew their form really well.

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