Nature’s living sculpture

Before I had reached double figures as a child, I was interested in growing plants, and had a large cacti and succulent collection.   Then time moved on and my interest shifted to horses…….but the circle kept turning and again I have a small collection of cacti and succulents.  My eye is always taken by their form and I was thrilled to see this large clump when I was visiting a northern town some time ago.  I felt the inclusion of the antenna simply added a quirky touch.


12 thoughts on “Nature’s living sculpture

    • I’d love to visit Mexico, and Arizona……and Peru….and ….and…..:-) For now though, I’ll have to content myself with what I have.

    • I’ve a couple of succulents, that always predict rain by bringing out some flowers. Isn’t that incredible?! Humans are not very clever by comparison …..

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