Look what the emu oil did to my hair!

Time for some fun!

I was out exploring a few months ago, and came across a mob of emus on a farm set up especially for them.  Whether in the wild or in captivity, emus are extremely curious birds so it wasn’t long before the birds came over to where I was standing – on the other side of the fence.  I like to keep a safe distance from these creatures – one kick from their powerful legs can break a man’s leg and their beaks are at face height – well my face height anyway.

Back in my 20’s I worked for a time on a hobby farm, and there was a pet emu, that often used to ambush me.  It was my first experience of dealing with emus, and I have to say I didn’t handle it very well……..give me wild horses in preference any day!

Emu oil is becoming more widely used these days, although Aboriginal people have long known the benefits.

This image can, as with many others I post here, be purchased from my RedBubble site as a postcard through to a framed print.


6 thoughts on “Look what the emu oil did to my hair!

    • It’s the male of the species that raises the chicks, and hearing the territorial drumming sound he makes if you’re out bushwalking is enough to make you look around for a place to hide! That said, they are not an aggressive bird….just very large and not particularly intelligent…although they certainly have learned how to handle tourists at camp grounds!

    • I believe we should be using native animals more than we do currently and to get the numbers of sheep and cattle down. Cloven hooved animals cause a great deal of degradation to the soil.

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