First of the season

This week I picked the first zucchini of the summer from my garden.  Always a very satisfying thing to do, harvesting one’s own food especially when it’s been grown without artificial fertilisers and other poisons.

While the area I live in hasn’t been subjected to the floods affecting a great deal of Australia, there has been more rain falling than is usual for summer.  This results in germination of weeds in paddocks and farm chemical supply places must be rubbing their hands together with glee, as farmers are out in force spraying very toxic chemicals on their paddocks.  Of course, the chemicals don’t all go just on the paddocks but drift with the wind.  The volatile chemicals saturate the air at times even when there’s no local paddocks being sprayed.  I’ve been told by one farmer that he’s not had a crop off his home grape vine in 3-4 years, because of the chemicals in the air affecting the growth.

It was a beautiful world.  Once upon a time.


7 thoughts on “First of the season

    • Thanks Holly. Homegrown can’t be beaten, honestly. Next best are local farmers markets. Bottom of the heap are supermarkets.

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