Time for a laugh

Well, a laughing jackass……another name for Australia’s bird, the Kookaburra.

A friend and I visited an area with many trees and a better rainfall, and as we sat under some trees, were visited by three kookaburras.  The light under the pines was terrible, but at least I managed to slowly move into a better position and get a few images of this bird before it flew to the other side of the creek.  I know where to go to next time:-)  Perhaps I’ll even take them some ‘payment’ for their photos…….


4 thoughts on “Time for a laugh

    • Thanks Mac. I was disappointed with the heavy shade, so no chance of getting any catchlight in the bird’s eye. And all the shots of a pair sitting together were terrible:-( But I’ll make a point of going to that place again next time I visit the area – many tourists stop there on route to the northern areas so I think the birds have learned humans= food.

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