All over the world, wild weather events are happening.  In Australia, many people have died, and thousands have lost their homes.  It will take years for Queensland to rebuild its infrastructure.  My heart goes out to all people who are experiencing dramatic changes to their lives.  Be courageous.  Know you are not alone.  Out of the chaos will come a different order.  I am heartened by the stories of valour that are emerging and perhaps humanity will understand that ultimately we are not defined by our possessions. 


6 thoughts on “Chaos

    • It’s strange….when the ’74 floods were on, I was in Germany and only saw it on the television briefly. Now, I’m seeing more of it as they do flashbacks. The wonderful stories of people pitching in to help each other continues to grow.

    • Thanks Mac. There are people in much trouble due to weather events, all over the world. Makes us realise how little we are when it comes to Mother Nature. Time to work with Her and not against. Glad you like the photo, taken locally the other evening.

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