Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly.  Situations look hazy, no clear path to take……    I find myself in one of those situations right now.  I’ve explored all the avenues I could find.  Now all I can do is wait…..and trust…..it will become clear one day.

I’m having difficulties with my ISP and as a result of that, may not be able to post much here over the course of this month, nor visit other sites.  So please don’t be offended if I make no visits or comments on your sites, it is a situation beyond my control.  I’ll catch up when I can.  Until then, take care:-)


6 thoughts on “Haze

  1. I hope a new path will show itself to you soon and everything get to be alright.
    ISP problems are part of one’s life now. Also hope it get fixed to your advantage.
    Until then i will miss your presence and your wit.

    • Thank you Francis. In the scheme of things, frustrating though it is, it’s very little compared to the trauma that flood victims in Queensland are experiencing. Death toll keeps rising…..

    • I’m keeping off my system for 48 hours, to see if any changes. Not that I expect it but worth a try. See my reply to Mac.

    • No, it’s because something keeps downloading and it can’t be traced. Other customers have also had this problem. It is using up heaps of my monthly allowance. No-one can explain what it is. Grrrrrr! Today I’m using the library computer, but that’s a 100km round trip so not a feasible option each day:-)

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