Salute to the sun

A pair of willy wagtails have built their nest just down my road a little, and finally I managed to get a decent shot of the young, which hatched out a few days ago.  The parents, who are familiar with me, fussed around so I didn’t stay close for long in respect to their wishes.  They are great little cheeky birds. 


10 thoughts on “Salute to the sun

    • Oh please, never look down on your photos or compare them to someone else’s! Photos are always our own expression. Sometimes technically better photos just don’t have the right ‘essence’ to them. And photography is such a wonderful journey isn’t it:-) When I look back to my early digital ones, a couple of years ago, many could be improved upon, most actually, but there’s a few that are still my favourites and other folks love them too! All tell a story, and isn’t that the point?

    • Thanks Lisa. I’ve found the two difficult aspects of getting good shots of birds is getting close enough, and dealing with shadows if they are in trees – which is often the case. As for getting them in flight – now that’s another whole ball game! Wishing you lots of success:-)

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