A hunting we shall go….

Each evening since the wheat was harvested from this paddock, I see at least one fox out hunting for mice in the stubble.  I think the mice are a combination of native and feral  ones.  Of course, the fox is a feral creature in Australia and responsible for a decrease in native species. Already, experts are predicting another mouse plague for later in the year, due to an above average harvest.  While this paddock will have stock on it later, many cereal farmers these days do not run any livestock at all.  Hence, nothing to consume the grain spilled during harvest leading to an increase in mouse numbers.  And then they wonder why we have plagues……


8 thoughts on “A hunting we shall go….

  1. The solitary hunter. Too bad it was brought in to fight some native species. I find the fox to be a beautiful animal. While it is very useful in my area i understand the concerns you put forward.
    Nice picture as always, message clear.

    • I get torn Francis, between admiring an animal or plant, for its intrinsic beauty, and the knowing it is a pest in this country. Unwanted species in this country are a huge problem and people still act with disregard, such as when they dump garden rubbish in the bush. And the fox by the way, was brought in by the English aristocracy in the early days of the colony, just so they could continue their barbaric pastime of foxhunting!

  2. This is problematic indeed!

    However, I also have to say that I find foxes absolutely beautiful.
    Since I live a few meters away from a forest I have a fox in the garden from time to time.
    I wonder if foxes are dangerous for cats?

    Martens are also very, very beautiful, but alas not good for cars here, so as always two sides of the coin…

    • I’m not sure if foxes are dangerous to cats but if the fox has mange, which is often the case over here, the cat could be infected. Also, if a cat was not aware of a fox being present, it may be at a disadvantage. My ginger cat was terrified when I brought my little terrier home as a tiny puppy, because he had memories of seeing the ducks he lived with being slaughtered by a fox when he was a small kitten. He and the dog of course, eventually became best buddies.

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