Watch your fingers!

Harvest time, the header moving down the paddock, reaping the wheat.  Not a place for careless fingers…..


8 thoughts on “Watch your fingers!

  1. We used to call that machine a grasshopper.I spent many days of late summer in one of those. No large expanses of land, only smaller fields but dozens of them all over the foothills. I loved that time.
    Beautiful picture, look so dry.

    • And did yours have air-con and radio etc? These modern machines are a far cry from the early models, let alone from the horse drawn days…..I’ll post a bundle of these on Flickr and you’ll see more of the countryside there.

      • They did not come from the factory with air and radio/cd player but we rigged up some after market radio and speakers and added a couple fans to keep the air circulating. And we survived all the hardship:D and enjoyed it.

    • Actually, the accidents tend to happen more with moving the grain into silos….but I needed a title! I’ll put a bundle of these pics up on Flickr when I get a chance.

  2. Indeed, not a place for careless fingers. I think it is absolutely amazing that even though with all this technology, the simple gathering of wheat is still essential to life.

    Great capture.

    • We need food grown on the land, grown in the soil. Hydroponics is man’s ultimate folly in believing they know what plants need. Sadly though, the varieties of wheat grown now are not all that beneficial either. Just look at the huge numbers of people who have become gluten intolerant……including Italians who’s whole culture is based around wheat – pasta! I don’t need to be a scientist to figure out something is wrong.

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