“Don’t look now but…..

…..I think we’re being watched!”

There’s a stock water trough not far from my house, and in the mornings particularly, I can watch the various birds come to drink from it.  Afterwards, they sit in the nearby pine trees and the galahs especially are funny to watch.  They are loving birds to their mate – take note humans!


12 thoughts on ““Don’t look now but…..

  1. They are such beautiful birds but am told they are very noisy mainly when in groups. I noted that many birds have a life long commitment to the same mate added to a very complex social behavior. Time spent with them around us can be a great lesson in social behavior at all levels.

    Beautiful picture

    • When there’s a big mob of them the noise is deafening! But it’s rare to see big mobs in my area and they’re only around for some of the year anyway.

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