Pretty in pink

I’m not really a pink person.  One day I’ll share a little poem I wrote about that….but there are some pinks I can’t resist.  Crab apple pink, carnation pink, and geranium pink.  Here’s a little geranium from my garden, that bravely copes with extremes of temperatures with no complaint. 


10 thoughts on “Pretty in pink

    • So I won’t get to see you in a pink shirt then Timo? lol! The thing about colours in nature, is that they rarely clash. Look at the number of times She puts pink and orange together!

      • That’s a good point, never noticed that, but I guess I will pay attention to it now.

        No, you will definitely not see me in a pink shirt. *lol*
        In fact, it is highly unlikely that someone sees me in something different than black clothes. I’d estimate that I wear completely black about 98% of all the time, also in summer…

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