My country

There’s a poem written by Dorothea Mackella that describes very well what it means to live in this land.  There are currently floods causing enormous damage throughout Queensland and Catastrophic bushfire conditions declared in South Australia, while Western Australia is in drought conditions. My thoughts are with those affected by these severe conditions.


8 thoughts on “My country

  1. It’s so tragic when great disasters strike… I hope things start to clear out soon!! On another note – beautiful shot!! It definitely does not look like anything that I’m used to… but I COULD get used to it!! I live in an urban area, in the middle of Michigan – flat, dry in winter, humid in summer. Keep posting those beautiful scenery shots!! 🙂

  2. This is sad news to read…

    Your picture shows an interesting landscape. Makes my wish to visit this country someday even stronger…

    If you don’t feel comfortable with landscape photography (those pictures I’ve seen so far from you were good though!), you should try it even more!
    Leave your comfort zone and try something different.
    When I began with photography a long time ago I did mostly landscape and macro photos, I said I’d never “dare” portraits. But then I tried it nonetheless. Today I do freelance portrait photography as a part-time job…

    How about a “personal project”? E.g. in January you take one landscape photo every day or week – just for yourself or sharing the results. You will see how you’ll feel more comfortable with it quite soon.

    • Actually, I take landscape shots virtually everyday, and it was the field I began in with my first point and shoot. However, I feel the land around me is not particularly spectacular most of the time, and I don’t have the equipment to enhance the images much. Besides, I do mostly prefer to present images as is. I look at other’s landscapes and consider mine fall way below. There’s just the occasional one that meets my standard:-) Maybe I’ll do a collage of those I don’t think are much and let you be the judge:-)

  3. Beautiful country for sure, my only regret is that i will never make it there. This picture is really good, i like the way it’s framed by the trees. The land look so dry for early summer. I hope you will get some rain as needed.

    • I took this image Francis, back in November 2008 with a Sony basic point and shoot – my first digital. The land is much drier now, especially after today’s scorching temperatures – 44C in the shade. Enough to shrivel anything!
      The farmers are still to finish harvesting the grain, but today it was too dangerous to take any machinery out in the paddocks for fear of starting a fire. After the grain is safely in, a nice cooling shower will be most appreciated. As you would desire to visit my country, so I do yours, yet each of us will have to be satisfied with seeing it through another’s images.

    • Thanks Mac. The flood waters will take weeks to subside although some clean-up is beginning in places. Imagine an area the size of Germany and France being under water…..that’s the extent of the problem. Yet, I am sure there will be some wonderful stories of great human spirit that emerge.

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