It’s been a difficult season for the farmers.  At first, their hopes were high with good winter rains bringing estimates of a bumper harvest.  Then, as the grain was ripening, a threat of plague locusts loomed.  But most damaging of all, were the unseasonable summer rains and storms which flattened many crops, and/or downgraded it from prime to stockfeed, resulting in a considerable financial drop.  Finally however, many are able to reap the grain, and I’m sure with each truckload sent off to the silo, they breathe a little easier.

Unless of course, they are downwind from the dust……


8 thoughts on “Dust

    • Perhaps the struggles will spark a change in methods. I feel we’ve moved too far away from a sustainable way of growing food and very hard times will come unless we address some fundamental points.

    • I was sitting on the side of the road, as I do while my horse grazes, and then I saw the potential of the scene that was unfolding in front of me. Right place right time:-) May your holidays be full of joy:-)

  1. Identical struggle for survival on the farm is as universal as your picture, it could have been taken anywhere in north america and in many part of the European continent. Country roads are so much alike.
    Thank for showing it.

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